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If you are a citizen of a country not belonging to European Union and you intend to study in Italy:

Less than three months: a student visa is not compulsory. You can enter Italy also as a tourist. (ATTENTION: citizens of Belarus, Bosnia- Herzegovina, China, Colombia, Macedonia, Georgia, Morocco, Peru, Serbia and Montenegro, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine all must obtain a tourist visa).

Over three months: you must present personally to the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country to apply for a study visa.The documents required are:

  1. a valid passport
  2. a certificate of enrolment from Language.it
  3. a declaration of available finances, sufficient to maintain during the period of study in Italy, authorized and registered by a public notary
  4. a letter (and a copy) from the bank indicating the relevant account numbers of the student or that of the parents, attesting to your financial situation
  5. an internationally valid health insurance policy
  6. evidence of the existence of suitable accommodation in Italy for the duration of the stay. Language.it can certificate the school will find an accommodation for you.
  7. evidence of the availability of means for repatriation at the end of the stay (a prepaid return ticket is generally sufficient)

More than one year: you must present a certificate of enrolment in a multi-year course or courses at the moment of your student visa request. The visa will be valid for 365 days, and you must take it to the Foreigners Office within eight days after your arrival in Italy to receive your residence permit. At the end of one year it is possible to renew the residence permit in order to continue your studies.

  1. Students who request a student Visa must send the registration form with documentation of payment in full of the course selected for the entire period of study.
  2. Tto obtain a student Visa it is necessary to enrol in an intensive group course (20 hours per week)

4 weeks course 400 euro

instead of 560 euro

Mimimum attendance required: 12 weeks (3 months) . For shorter periods the fee is 140  euros per week. 

3.The school provides valid certificates for obtaining a student visa. If students wish to have the original certificate of enrolment sent by express courier DHL this cost is to be paid by the student.

4.It is not possible to cancel or change the dates of a course for which you have received a sudent visa. Each certificate must correspond to a specific course in which the student is enrolled.

5.Students who fail to obtain a visa are entitled to reimbursement of tuition paid. They must return all original certificates and must inform the school at least 10 days working days before the start of the course.

6. Study visas may take up to 90 days to be issued. Students waiting for a visa must immediately inform the school in case of delay in the visa process or change in the date of their arrival, in any case not later than 2 weeks (10 working days) before the previously arranged starting date. It is possible to change the dates of the course no more than two times.

7.Once the student has arrived in Italy and intends to shorten the period of stay by cancelling a course that has already begun, the school will retain the global tuition fee for the period of study for which the certificate of enrolment was issued.